02 September 2007

Appled out

Palmer and I visited an apple orchard yesterday, and I have been eating apples ever since. The orchard in Poynette has little DIY kits: Apple muffin mix, apple pie filling in a jar, and what I picked up, a caramel apple set which consists of caramel goop and some sticks. I usually just make my own caramel goop, but this set looked so easy and fuss free, I went for it.

There are no pictures, we only made a few, and then we ate a few, while we watched 'Revenge of the Sith'. I will never ever like that movie, but I will always love the General Grievous/Obi-Wan fight scene, always secretly wishing Grievous would win. I won't get myself started.

Today I think I'm going to throw a mess of apples in the slow cooker for apple sauce. We've got to get these apples eaten as Palmer has designs on returning next week for cider!

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