20 September 2007

Oh what a night

So IRL I've been mired in my bio/brain nightmare and having trouble dealing with the unfeeling bureacracy at school, but on Tuesday night, I kicked up my heels, killed a few brain cells and had a great time which I only half remember.

First things first: I'm officially a big fan of Capital Breweries Oktoberfest. Tasty stuff, and at happy hour at the High Noon, 2-for-1. Secondly, not eating dinner and then drinking all night means a hangover. Nothing more to that. On the up side, not eating means less queasy stomach. It also means smelling like booze the next day, which I'm sure was fun for the moms I drove with to get to our kids' field trip. I chewed gum, but I know when I'm beat...

Thirdly, I have absolutely no idea who played (that is, what show I was supposed to be there watching). I know it was more dirge-y and emo than I could handle, so I spent a great deal of the evening outside talking loudly to strangers (hi everybody!).

And lastly, Gomeroke ROCKS.
I love it, both as a participant and and audience member.

It was fun to talk to people, say inappropriate things to strangers and new friends alike, and general party like I just didn't care. It's been a while. Of course, now I remember *why* it's been a while, because I feel sheepish for being so drunken and insane, plus I'm still tired even after a nap yesterday and a pretty good night's sleep last night.

Oh well, I wasn't driving, and I needed a kick in the pants.

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