24 August 2007

Who knew?

So this is not my "real" blog, not really. My hope for this space was a more anonymous version of my regular blog, one that doesn't contain so much biographical (or biological) information about me. Fewer gripes, less talk about medical diagnosis, economic status and other personal things.

So who knew that I don't actually have much else going on in my life?

Actually, I have lots of films on my plate and under my belt from the past few weeks. I've been watching some TV, most of it unremarkable (well, except to insult). And I've been getting reacquainted with my old stomping grounds, the near East Side.

There are things to talk about but it seems as soon as the tubes were installed at my place (and I figured out how to get my DSL modem to be wireless so I can hang out in the kitchen and look up recipes and stuff!), the muse left me. Took her sisters, shut up shop and went far far away. I'm hoping it's just a late summer vacation and that inspiration isn't moving to the Twin Cities, or Austin, or Portland.

I think I'm going to write about walking, because that is my favourite part of my new neighbourhood. I can WALK places. I've been to Gail Ambrosius and Willy St. Co-op, and some night I'm gonna head over to Babs' for a po' boy, or Mickey's for a drink. Also walking means I am out of doors, which means I see people.

Tonight I'm breaking down boxes and finally finishing the assembly of my new TV "armoire" (it has 27 pages of directions. TWENTY-SEVEN.) - and then putting my new teevee in it (it's funny that I'm putting my TV in the armoire to prevent it from becoming the centerpiece of the living room, when the box for the TV says "the centerpiece for your life"), hooking up the receiver and DVD player (and hell, maybe even the VCR for shits and giggles), and watching a movie. Also, baking a batch of banana bread and chocolate chip cookies. I'm feeling like spending the weekend holed up and watching movies, but the weather is going to clear and when that happens I have to go out. But just in case, there are cookies.

At this very moment my 4 hours of sleep (haven't been able to get to bed this week) are dragging me down and I need to get focused on either slogging through or taking a cat nap. I do have clean sheets...

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