25 September 2007

Ooh Pasties!

No, not pasties, pasties! Pervert.

Specifically, Cornish Pasties. This weekend is the Mineral Point Cornish Festival and Palmer, M, and I are heading out Saturday to enjoy the culture, primarily through food.

There is a Miner's buffet featuring Beef Pasty, Beef Pie with Dumplings, Beets with honey and horseradish (yum), and something called figgyhobbin, which absolutely intrigues me.

Why Cornish Fest? Well, firstly there is almost no reason to miss cultural celebrations with food, but more importantly, my youngest is a bit Cornish (indeed, his grandfather has visited the town which bears their surname - I've seen the picture), and I like the idea of learning more about that part of his background. Plus, FIGGYHOBBIN.

Mineral Point is just far enough away to seem like a drive and close enough to not feel too far away. It has a bunch of old buildings and I'm looking forward to seeing people dressed up in 'traditional' Cornish gear.

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