30 April 2008

David Rees: Comic Genius

Excuse me, but I have something to say about the Reverend Wright scandal.

Hello? Maybe you didn't hear me: I said, I have something to say about the Reverend Wright scandal.

28 April 2008

OMG, You GUYS!!!!!111!!!

It's been way too long since I have posted. The Dulcinea has been through all kinds of self-inflicted mess lately. Or biochemically inflicted mess, or meteorologically inflicted mess, take your pick.

Anyhow, today Palmer and I very nearly signed the lease for our new place. Very nearly but not quite as the landlady couldn't make it. But I cleaned my apartment and we are on for tomorrow!

Tonight is the 2nd Most exciting night of the month, as PROG is playing at the High Noon Saloon.
Although there is a rumour that they will not be playing "And You and I", it should still be good fun and I heartily recommend the show.

I'm planning on spending more time blogging here, but plans are easily foiled, so we will see. At the moment it's time for leftover Thai curry and sticky rice and maybe a game of Wii bowling to get me ready to ROCK later on tonight. Yes, life is good.

ETA: Forget Wii Bowling, Wii Boxing is where it's at. Wow, what a way to get out my aggressions.