26 July 2007

That tasted so damned good

It made me want to jump back and kiss myself, this lunch I ate today:

Yesterday I picked up a bunch of groceries at Willy St. Co-op. I don't shop there often (once a month, I'd guess), but when I do, I get something delicious that I can't get elsewhere.

This time, I picked up some Willy St. Guac (insanely expensive) and some of their Salsa de Cilantro, which I'd never tried before.

Anyhow, long story short, both the guac and the salsa were excellent. I'd go so far as to say that they were both sublime. Srsly.

With some blue corn chips and some really flavorful organic celery, it was a pretty tasty lunch.

Tonight we're heading downtown to see Palmer's bff, Matt Rothschild, and before hand we are gonna try out that new Neopolitan pizza place.

If I were a good blogger, that last sentence would have three links in it. But I am in a hurry, so it doesn't.

Also, Palmer is turning 35 tomorrow! Boyfriend Birthday Blogging imminent.

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