12 July 2007

Economy, $1,300 - First class, $13,000

No kidding.
Contemplating a ticket to the Edinburgh fringe festival (three weeks hence) and found a round trip economy ticket for between $1200 USD and $1450 USD.

Decide to check on how much first class tix would cost and just have to say -wha?!?

They are 10x the cost of economy! WTP?

In other news, why am I looking at round trip tix to events half way around the world? Three words Six syllables: coffee at 9pm.


hastings said...

am jealous that you've even gotten to the ticket-pricing stage. been sort of a long-held fantasy to live in edinburgh for a couple months in the summer, around the festival.
(flattered to be on the blogroll... will update accordingly)

The Dulcinea said...

Are you saying flattery will get me everywhere? (forgive, I'm delirious from lack of sleep). Endinburgh is on my list of must-do-long-before-I-die. Next August maybe? Sometime in the next 5 years, in any case. I've never been to the UK - I'm pretty certain I will fall in love with everyone who speaks to me (I'm an accent whore).

hastings said...

Are you saying flattery will get me everywhere?

pretty much, yes.

Next August would be good. I sort of feel like I'd need to start planning a year in advance for it to actually happen.

(I should probably disclose that I actually went to Edinburgh in "my youth" and slept through a kilt-fitting appointment. home to my first hangover, which I nursed in bed, reading some random Ian Rankin cover to cover)