21 July 2007

Impulse shopping

Going to the Mac store with a months-long desire for a macbook and a healthy bank balance reminds me of going out on a perfect summer night horny and looking hott: you are not going home alone.

M and I went to the mall (which is something I do a few times a year), and I went to "look" at macbooks. An hour later I walked out with a shiny white macbook and a "free" ipod. I am feeling a bit of guilt for spending money on myself, but right now I am very very happy with my purchase.

M and I started the day by going to see three apartments, one of which thrilled us both to pieces. M was incredibly excited to see the play area, and we both loved the sunniness of the apartment. They are taking out the carpet in the common areas and replacing it with cork before the next tenants come in - we put our application in this afternoon and hopefully we are gonna get it.

Wish us luck.

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