18 July 2007

Home. For now.

Here I am in Palmer's inner sanctum, feeling neither witty nor particularly inspired. I'm fucking tired! Staying at Palmer's place while I find an apartment, and while it's my home away from home anyway, I'm still getting used to being here during the times I'd usually be at home. It's a great house with all of and more than the comforts of home, so that makes it easier.

Here's what I'm thinking of doing (for the rest of) this summer:

Public Museum
Art Museum
Hang out at Alterra Coffee (the one near the lake)
Visit Miss Pam and Neko and Bill
Africa Fest (M's B-day weekend)
Wisconsin State Fair
Sprecher Tour

Visit my friend B in Brooklyn
Show at the Public Theater
Buy another pair of Hello Kitty knock off earrings.

Greater WI:
Brewery Tours up Nort'
Mustard Museum, Trollway, etc. - Mount Horeb
Spring Green and Timon of Athens at APT
Sun Prairie Corn Fest
Devil's Lake daytrip

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