21 November 2007

Wasting away

I've been on this mission lately, tracking every thing I eat and trying to keep that mission (fairly unsuccessfully) from becoming an obsession. I've lost three lbs this week and before you congratulate me, I'm actually pretty freaked out about that. Three lbs a week is normal for the first and second weeks of a new weight loss effort, but the third week? That makes me nervous. Partly because it's not very safe for me personally (I can get all kinds of weird around this, it's happened before), partly because there's no guarantee I'm not losing muscle or even bone.

I'm taking a new medication which lists weight loss as a prominent side effect, and seeing as I'm getting random finger and toe tingling (another cool one), the rapid weight loss could be part of it. I'm just not understanding how eating three meals out yesterday (okay, dinner *was* only half a milk shake, not a proper dinner at all) could result in such a loss over three short days.

The other thing that comes with this drug is increased risk of osteoporosis, which has gotten me eating more calcium, in some sort of effort to prevent it from leeching too much from my blood. Who knows.

It's just that I don't want to let my desire to wear my awesome cute smaller summer clothes trump my knowledge of health and nutrition, and considering that my stupid nurse practitioner (the one who prescribed me these pills of doom/joy) was confident that her story of a patient of hers who lost 30 lbs in a month on the drug was "motivational", I'm not sure where I'll go if I do have a concern. My new and awesome Physician's Assistant, I guess.

So far I've been doing this for 23 days and lost 11 lbs. That should taper off ANYTIME now. Maybe Thanksgiving weekend will slow me down a bit. I just don't wanna lose all of my cuddly charm. No one would like that, most of all, me.

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