14 November 2007

Something funny?

I've got nothing to write about (and less to read as Palmer seems to have lost his muse over at Fearful Symmetries). Lately I've been relaxing into the rhythms of life (which is no mean feat for me), and working out.

Right now I've got a living room floor full of clean laundry. It had to move there because piled up on my bed, it prevented my going to sleep last night. The Netflix films I've had for 2+ weeks are just sitting there on top of the TV. I guess I wasn't ready to rewatch Children of Men after all. I thought perhaps I'd watch it this morning. But it's gonna be another beautiful and unseasonably warm day (52 in mid-November in Wisconsin!?!?), so spending the morning inside seems criminal.

Here's something funny. I'm nearly ready to start looking for a job. "Nearly Ready" means: I no longer get hives thinking about going to an office day after day. [oh, wait, writing that sentence gave me hives. perhaps I spoke too soon?]

My last exam in Anthro made me realize I've begun to catch up with myself. Actually, surpassed myself, intellectually. It's like my brains aren't any better than they were a few years ago but I've figured out how to USE them. That's a good thing. Still aimless as ever, but I seem to be able to hear and then use information well.

In the next few minutes I will be deciding what the next couple of hours will hold. My deepest yearning is to lay in bed and drink water. I'm not kidding. That sounds so wonderful to me. Hey, that's kind of funny (not intentionally so, but hey I'll take it)! There, I did it.

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