05 November 2007

Because I care

Okay, so I went to look up the telephone number of Walgreens so my poor asthmatic kid can get an inhaler refill, when I notice there is a "Sexual Wellness" tab and of course, I must click on it.

And following some interesting sounding links (come on, "STDs and Ecological Niches"? That is a must click), I get to this CRAZY image.

It is somehow deeply disturbing, I think you will agree. But wait, there's more. Here is the text:

Many sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) invade the host and reside for long periods of time without killing the host. A good example is syphilis, which may reside in its host for 30 to 50 years. HIV also can take 10 or more years to kill its host, allowing plenty of time to spread the infection.

But really I'm super fascinated that Walgreens will ship a Liberator Wedge or some De La Cruz Super Macho High Potency Formula with Bovine Glandular Concentrate Capsules straight to my home.

It's all so wholesome seeming, but seedy at the same time.

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