01 October 2007

Let there be funk, and let it begin with me

Man, what I need is to have a house full of people dancing to some Parliment, the air redolent with marijuana smoke and a tumbler full of sweet red wine.

Also, a halter top.


arch stanton said...

You are actually describing the After Party that occurred after my friend's wedding reception.In Stoughton. Ten years ago. Sigh.

The Dulcinea said...

I can supply the wine and the funk - let's have a party.

One thing I hate about 'getting old' and having kids to take care of is the lack of parties which results.

Sigh indeed.

arch stanton said...

You aren't familiar with the 'Cocktail Hour Playdate' ? I thought I was the rube from the sticks !


Wait ,are asking me to score you some weed?

The Dulcinea said...

I don't have any friends with kids! It's not the same when you are a single parent drinking alone. Doesn't look good.

Friday nights are good for me, you game? Since people brought their kids to the last show I went to, I figure one day I can take mine down to Friday Happy Hour Gomeroke.

Not *just* weed, I need the place to smoke it (my building is non-smoking), and people to attend the party. But I can bring food, in addition to the funk.

You are still the rube from the sticks. The COOL rube.