17 December 2011

New Year, the Blog Returns

It's only been three years and some change since I posted here. That's not too long, is it? Since I'm still on Palmer's blogroll I thought I'd start blogging here again. That, plus my years of FB'ing has made me stupid. I need to write long form again.

What's new with me? I'm still going to Gomeroke! Was there last night for Happyoke, in fact.
I'm back in school, one semester to finish up at MATC and then on to UW Madison, or Edgewood, not sure which. My kids are getting really old, 16 and 12 already. That is just strange.

Things in life are going really really really well. I'm looking forward to next year, even though there will be a lot of changes to deal with.

Since I am contractually obligated to mention Gomeroke in every post, I have to say that I am really looking forward to doing New Year's Eve All Bar Sing Along with them. It's going to be great!

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