19 March 2008

The Dulcinea is Dead

Long Live The Dulcinea!

Yep, Spring time is just around the corner, literally, I feel it licking at me. Unpleasantly. I find the riot of light in spring has a deleterious effect onmy ability to deal with both the inner and outer world.

But after the first rage of LIGHT and GREEN there is a calm, when trees have leaved and birds bred, and I can peek my head up from under the layers of winter hermitage and be a part of the outside world again.

The shades remain drawn, but the windows are open, and the air...the air is SO SWEET. Workmen across the street (one who peppers each sentence with 'fuck' as other people might say 'um') are intermittently making a great deal of noise, and then seeming to disappear, suddenly.

The melancholy Netflix selections (Human Nature, Winter Passing) are just perfect for my not-quite-ready-for-the-world mood today.

I'm trying out new philosophies, ways of thinking of myself my life. "Each day it's own day" is what just occurred to me. Yesterday does not have to be today, and today is not yesterday.

The Dulcinea is Dead, Long Live The Dulcinea!

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