20 January 2008


Seriously, there is nothing going on in my life right now. Besides the regular things (school, fam, boyfriend). It's fairly mellow. Downright dull.

And was pointed out to me by one of my three MySpace friends (after I'd bailed from MySpace after a month or so), I have social networking fatigue. I DO! I'm sick of blogging into the ether with little return.

That reminds me. Since I've got nothing going on, and I know you are reading this, why not comment here and let me know what's up with you? That'd be keen.


hastings said...

been meaning to ask you to do a guest/contributor post for my newer, more incoherent blog presence--but keep stalling on something Rebus-related, a topic I've mumble-rehashed a couple times because I'm forgetful in social situations.

A portion Skip's most recent post reminded me of something I've been trying to put together collaboratively. It's supposed to be umm, playful parody. Could you email me
(hastingsDOTcameronATTTTTTTTgmail) so I can try to pitch the idea? It would be a pretty short, two-part item.

hastings said...

umm, meant the one before the pig bung, which was actually posted 5 days ago.

Anonymous said...

Update NOW!!!!